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Documents you should always have in your vehicle

Driving is a privilege even though most people seem to treat it as a right. You need to pass tests to get a license in the first place and sometimes to keep it. In America, driving is a necessity for many people given the distances they live from services. So keeping your driving privilege is important. At Epic Insurance, we strive to make sure that all our clients have the right auto insurance at the best values for their needs.

Insurance Card
Your insurance card is proof you have at least the mandated amount of auto insurance that is required in Missouri and Kansas. If you get pulled over for any sort of an infraction, you will be asked to produce your insurance card so make sure it is in your glove box.

Vehicle Registration
All vehicles that are on the road need to be registered. In order to keep your vehicle registered, you must pay your personal property taxes. If they are unpaid, you will not be able to renew. Safety inspections are required every two years (regardless of calendar or model years) except for the vehicle’s first 10 model years or 150,000 miles. This registration should also be kept in your glove box with the emission test result and your insurance card.

Driver’s license
Most people use their driver’s license as ID so they carry it in their wallet. If you are in the vehicle, it should be there with you.

Official State Emission Inspection Report
After your inspection, you will get a report. Keep this in your glovebox with the rest of your documents.

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