Reasons to Get a Business Owner’s Policy in the State of Missouri

Entrepreneurs are often concerned about what to do if something were to happen to their place of business, which is why they need to have an insurance policy so they can be covered for these types of liabilities. There are different types of coverage available, and all of them are meant to protect you against certain perils. You have the option to purchase a more comprehensive plan that can offer a more complete solution than just one type of coverage, and you can get that with a business owner’s policy (BOP).

Advantages of a Business Owner’s Policy

By getting a business owner’s policy, you can tailor it according to your specific needs, and it can be less expensive than getting each type of coverage individually. A business owner’s policy can include the following coverage options:

•    Property insurance
•    Business interruption/continuation insurance
•    Liability insurance

A business owner’s policy won’t cover professional liability, which is anything that was the result of a wrongful practice. And it doesn’t include any of the following:

•    Auto insurance
•    Workers’ compensation
•    Health insurance
•    Disability insurance

These policies must be purchased separately if you think it’s necessary

If you want to find a business owner’s policy that will meet your specific needs, then you need to get in touch with Epic Insurance in Lees Summit, MO. We have agents who understand commercial insurance in detail, and we would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

Who Can Qualify for a Business Owner’s Policy

Not everyone can qualify for a business owner’s policy, because certain industries have a unique set of risks that may be too costly for an insurance company to cover. These businesses may need a more customized form of coverage than what may be offered in a business owner’s policy. A home-based business with a small amount of people could start out with a business owner’s policy, and it can expand its coverage as it continues to grow.
To find out if you can qualify for a business owner’s policy, then you need to get a hold of Epic Insurance. We have served the people of Lees Summit, MO for a long time, so we understand the needs of the community. Get in touch with someone at our office to find out what we can do for you and your business!

Will Your Auto Insurance Repair Your Car?

Lees Summit, MO residents are no strangers to car accidents. If your car suffers damage in an accident, you may think your insurance policy will kick in to help cover repairs. Most basic insurance policies don’t cover repairs. If they do, they may only cover very limited circumstances. Here’s a look at how car insurance works when it comes to repair.

Know Your Policy

Don’t assume your car insurance policy will cover damage of any sort. You should know precisely what your auto insurance covers and what it doesn’t. Many people only have liability coverage. Liability will only cover damage to the other person’s car or injuries to their body.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

You typically need optional coverage for things like car repair. Your policy may already have a limited amount of collision or comprehensive coverage, but that may not cover your car for severe damage or a total loss.

Optional collision coverage will cover repairs to your vehicle or replace it. Comprehensive coverage will kick in if something outside of your control damages your vehicle. This can include things like fires, storms, and vandalism.

If you’re not sure if your policy already has some form of collision or comprehensive coverage, then ask your insurer, or contact Epic Insurance. You may find you have none at all. If that’s the case, you should certainly consider adding this additional coverage to your policy.

In cases where you’re still making payments on your car, the lender may require you to have collision and comprehensive coverage. Occasionally, such as with older cars, this type of coverage isn’t always necessary. For example, if you own a vehicle you can easily replace out-of-pocket, then paying for the extra coverage may not seem feasible.

Everybody’s requirements differ in Lees Summit, MO. Because of that, it’s best to contact Epic Insurance today about the possibility of adding additional coverage.

Teens and Car Insurance Pricing

There are lots of things in life that seem unfair, and car insurance pricing is one of them when it comes to teens. Hands down, male teenage drivers are going to cost more on average to insure than female teen drivers in Lees Summit, MO and elsewhere. It is it a conspiracy against male teens? Not quite. Remember, insurance is about risk. An insurance provider offers protection from risk for a price. If the likelihood of that risk occurring is high, then the insurance to protect against it is going to be more expensive as well. While the cost won’t be the actual expense of the risk occurring (otherwise what would be the point of having insurance anyway) due to pooling customers together in a larger risk pool, higher risk customers create less profit for an insurer. So, to overcome this problem, higher risk accounts pay more than those who are safer, older drivers with experience, according to Epic Insurance.

So why are male teens considered a higher risk? A lot of it has to do with that age-old practice of dating. Male teens have a well-known streak of being competitive and interested in finding a partner at some point in their young years. And that means they will engage in behavior to impress, to compete for a favor, or to entertain to get a date. That also means male teens are more prone to do unsafe things than female teens, particular with a car, to meet the objectives of the above. Ergo, they then become a higher risk for accidents, car damage, and similar things that cause an insurance policy to realize a claim. That said, there are ways to find more affordable policies even for a male teen driver. The folks at Epic Insurance can help, being able to produce coverage products for all types of insurance needs, including Lees Summit, MO teenagers.



Fall Safety Checklist for Your Home

Fall is here ad it is the perfect time of year to get your home ready for the cooler months ahead.  This can be one of the busiest times of year for homeowners who want to take advantage of moderate weather to take care of any damage or issues with their homes before that first frost comes in. 

Let’s talk about exterior maintenance. 

Check the foundation of your home for any visible cracks and make sure to caulk all of the areas where siding meets masonry.  You should also do this where ever wires or pipes enter the building as well as around the door frames and windows in order to keep heat from leaking out.  This is one of the less expensive maintenance chores that most people can handle themselves.  If there are any sorts of openings in the building, water can actually get inside and even freeze.  This leads to more cracks and can even lead to the buildup of mold.  Carefully checking the outside of your home and completing this inexpensive maintenance can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the end.

Install storm doors and windows and remove the screens.  Before you store those screens, clean and repair them and them spray them down with a protective coating.  Then just place them in a dry part of your garage or basement.

Inspect the walls outside of your home to check for blistering or peeling paint.  If you have this showing on your home or siding, it is a signal that the paint is no longer able to protect the surface that it is on.  If not corrected, it can lead to the deterioration of the building or siding and end up costing you a lot more than repainting it now would.

For more on this and to make sure that your home insurance is up to date, call your Lees Summit, MO branch of Epic Insurance now.


RVing It In Lees Summit, MO

Did you know that Lees Summit, MO rates as one of the top 100 cities in America?  According to Lees Summit Tourism, it also has a vibrant economy and lots to do.  Once a farming community, it has held it’s historic charm enjoyed by residents and RV adventurers alike.  If you’re planning to take a trip to Lees Summit with your RV this year, here are RV parks in the area to take advantage of.

Longview Lake Campground

Located in Lee’s Summit, this RV campground has it all.  From big rig access to allowing pets,  and a big, beautiful lake this county campground is a family friendly choice.

Fleming Park/Blue Springs Campground

When visiting the Kansas City area, this campground is a good choice and only 20 minutes from Lee’s Summit.  It’s another county campground with RV hook-ups and a lake.  Pets are also welcome. The only downside to this RV park is that most sites require leveling, which can be a pain if you arrive by night.

Peculiar Park Place

The last one on our list, Peculiar Park Place is also located in the Kansas City area and open year round.  If you’re in the mood for some heartland America to refresh and revitalize your soul, then this is the campground for you.  It’s only 25 minutes from Lee’s Summit in the town of Peculiar.

Before heading out on your RV trip to Lee’s Summit, MO, be sure your RV insurance is up to date and covers any possible unexpected disaster. This way you can relax and enjoy this beautiful part of America knowing that your RV is covered from top to bottom.  At Epic Insurance, we have a passion for providing RV insurance and will help you get the best rates.  




Things To Take Care of Before Getting Out on the Boat This Summer

As the days get hotter and the sun stays out longer, if you have a boat then you know it is time to start getting it ready for summer use. Making sure you have everything in order will help you to enjoy more of your boat this summer and worry less about the little things. Use our tips to get everything done before it is time to take the boat out.

  • De-winterize your boat. You were smart in winterizing your boat before the cold weather hit but now you need to prep it for the warm weather and that includes de-winterizing your boat. 
  • Get a tune up. A tune up can do wonders for your boat, especially if you haven’t had it looked at in some time. The best way to keep your boat running well is to get a tune up every year before the summer season. 
  • Check your battery. Not only is this something you should do before the summer but if you leave your boat sitting unused for a few weeks, you should check the strength of the battery before you take it out on the water. If it is low or shows no power, then you may want to replace it.
  • Check your fluids and replace filters. Make sure your fuel filters are changed regularly do your engine runs well. You should also check all of your fluids to ensure you have everything set up for the summer. You can check both of these things throughout the summer as well.  

If you do not have boat insurance or would like to look into your current boat policy to make sure you are completely covered, be sure to contact us at Epic Insurance.

How to Avoid Road Rage Incidents

Missouri motorists may experience road rage when people drive aggressively or make mistakes. This behavior sometimes results in traffic accidents, fights and even gun violence. It’s crucial to learn how to avoid excessive anger and react to unruly drivers in a safe way. The right approach could save your life.


When road rage begins, people often make angry comments about fellow motorists or think about hurting them. They might try to punish other drivers by passing them before slowing down. Other symptoms include frequent horn use, headlight flashing and tailgating. It’s important to avoid such actions and use caution around motorists who exhibit this behavior.


Regardless of who committed the first traffic violation, road rage is usually brought about by certain types of conduct. Common triggers include yelling, obscene gestures and incessant lane changes. It could also occur when someone insists on driving too fast or slow. Such behavior may cause angry outbursts in people who are already under stress.


To avoid road rage, concentrate on safety rather than being right or "winning." Remember that you can’t read other drivers’ minds. There are several possible reasons for seemingly aggressive driving, such as inexperience, a demanding boss or a medical emergency.

Be Careful

Always do your best to follow all traffic rules. Don’t drink alcohol, send text messages or turn without signaling. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and other cars. If possible, depart early so you won’t need to hurry. This will help you avoid provoking other motorists or becoming angry too easily.

When you can’t stop road rage from causing an accident, it’s vital to have adequate insurance. The experienced agents at Epic Insurance will help you find the right coverage or review your existing policy to ensure it offers suitable protection.

Use Commonsense When You Are Considering Commercial Insurance

Who wants to make purchasing commercial insurance an epic event?
Believe it or not, we do. At Epic Insurance we are committed to taking the drama out of protecting your business. You are in business to make money and depending on the type of business you own you want to provide high quality goods and/or services to your client base. You are definitely not in business to lose much needed rest worrying about who may trip and fall outside on the sidewalk out front of the business or who may be injured as a result of an accident one of your company vehicles may be involved in.

What Do I Have to Consider When Commercial Insurance Becomes Necessary For My Business

Owning a small, medium or large business has inherent liability risk that is contingent upon the type of business you own. There are many factors that must be considered when you come to the table to purchase your commercial insurance policy.

Points of consideration include:

  • the amount of people that are employed at your business as well as the risk that they face when they are on the job and conducting your business
  • are vehicles being used to conduct your business?
  • who is using the vehicle?
  • where are they going in the vehicle?

These are the commonsense questions that must be answered to determine the amount of insurance that would best fit the needs of your commercial enterprise.

We make purchasing insurance for your car, home, life and business an epic occasion. Epic Insurance takes the drama out of understanding the terms of your policy. We offer a considerate and professional staff of service professionals to make certain you understand your protection and the inherent liability of your business.  


Safety Tips for ATV Riding

Riding an ATV can be an extremely fun experience, especially the more familiar you are with driving it. You will find that ATVs are able to explore much of nature that you can’t explore when riding in a car or truck. And while having fun on an ATV is most definitely one of the best ways to enjoy pleasure and bond with those you ride with, it must be remembered that there are many safety tips to follow to make sure you don’t have an accident. Here’s a quick look at two tips you can follow to optimize safety for first-time riders and steer clear of ATV accidents. 

Go Slow at First

As with anything in life, the more you do it, the better you become. With ATV riding, this is essential to the safety-side of riding. You need to start out slow at first — in relation to both your speed and and willingness to travel on terrain that you are unfamiliar with. It’s with a simple ATV machine that you will enjoy learning to ride, and as you become more advanced, so can your ATVs. 

Don’t Forget to File the Paperwork

Don’t forget to file your paperwork for your ATV. Just the same as with a car or truck, ATVs should be registered and information needs to be in a database. If an accident were to take place, the paperwork can be used to file claims with your insurance company. Without registration, you may find that you are unable to ride on public trails. In fact, even with registration you may have to pay a fee to acquire access to these fun ATV routes. The U.S. Forest Service, an agency working for the federal government, has seasonal passes available that help off-roaders save money.

Would you like to learn more about staying safe when riding your ATV? If so, contact Epic Insurance today. 

Ways to Give Back This Winter

The winter season is the busiest time of year with shopping, cooking with loved ones, and building valuable memories. With the craziness of the holidays, never forget how important it is to find ways to give back to the community in Lees Summit, MO. Giving to those in need can also bring great joy to you and your family all year round. Here are some ways to give back and contribute to your community now.

1. Donate old clothing to your local shelter.

Collect all your old clothes and particularly coats that are clean and in good condition, to those who cannot afford apparel this season. With the cold vast approaching, even a few items will make a major difference.

2. Deliver a meal with the disabled or medically ill.

Everyone loves a satisfying meal, but there are many disabled or otherwise medically ill who cannot leave their homes. Help deliver hot food to someone who cannot travel or commute to family and friends this joyous season.

3. Collect canned foods and donate to your community food bank.

A great way to give back is to donate canned goods. Look for non-perishable items and perk up your giving spirit for someone who really needs it this winter.

4. Help serve meals to the homeless at your local shelters.

Homelessness exists year-round but is especially rough during the winter season. Help fight the gloom by volunteering to serve satisfying meals at your local shelter.

There is no need to sacrifice too much time or money to give back. Simply look to your charitable spirit and appreciate every blessing. Life can change in the matter of seconds so help those in need and make sure to have protection from a reliable insurance agent like Epic Insurance.